SLUSHious Punch

2 small packages Jello (or 1 large package)

2 cups boiling water

2 cups sugar

4 cups cold water

2 cans (46 oz.) pineapple juice

3 bottles (2-liter) 7-Up

Mix Jello, boiling water and sugar in large bowl.  Add cold water and pineapple juice.  Divide mixture between three 1/2 gallon milk cartons and place in freezer.  Remove from freezer 1-2 hours before serving.  When ready to serve, peel carton from punch block and place the block in punch bowl.  Use an ice pick to break up the block until a “slush” is formed.  Pour 7-Up over the slush until it is a nice punch consistency.  (Approximately one 2-liter bottle per carton).

Cook’s Notes: A refreshing punch for a hot day!

Penny Leptich (Jamie’s Cousin)

Anaheim, CA

I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed many of Penny’s recipes over the years!  Thanks for sharing! – Love, Jamie

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