Portia Salads

Grape Salad

4 lbs of grapes.  Wash the grapes, and make sure they are dry before stirring them into the following dressing.

8 oz of cream cheese

8 oz of sour cream

1/2 cup granulated sugar

Whip this dressing until smooth

Layer about 2” of grape mixture, then sprinkle with brown sugar and English Toffee bits, another layer of grapes sprinkled with brown sugar and Skor English Toffee bits.  Continue the layers until you use all the grapes.

Nancy Lance (Lydia’s Mother-in-law)

Eagle River, Texas

Lydia gave me this recipe, but I am sure she said to use sour cream with cool whip instead of the cream cheese and sugar.  I have made it for several events, and it has also been a success.

– Portia

To be honest I did not think I would like toffee and grapes together, but this recipe changed my mind forever.  Thank you mom for teaching me to try something once even if I thought I would not like it.– Jamie

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